Hazard Control Mechanism failure (Event Mechanism)

This table is based on the same cases that are used in the accompanying article on Energy Damage and Space Transfer Mechanisms.

If one has more information than the bare facts of the cases listed below mostly provide, it is possible to identify the Hazard Control Mechanism (in the Time Sequence Model, the Event Mechanism) failure type and sub type.  In the table below, I have gone as far as is possible with the information in the brief narrative that has been provided.


Event Mechanism Type

Energy form of interest

An explosion in an explosives factory


Chemical bonding energy of the explosive materials

A keeper in a wild life park is mauled by a tiger, in the outer cage of which she is working


Muscle energy of the tiger

Passenger train carriages are derailed when the train rounds a bend at a speed which is excessive for the bend


Kinetic energy of the carriages.  Gravitational potential energy of the carriages (rolling off the rails results in a lowering of the centre of gravity of the carriages)

A suspension bridge collapses leading to cars and pedestrians falling into the river below


Gravitational potential energy of the cars and people could lead to damage on impact with the water. Note that subsequently people may drown, being a chained Occurrence involving a different energy form.

Two high-speed trains collide


Kinetic energy of the two trains

A large number of seedlings are killed when a weedicide is introduced into the watering system, apparently by a disgruntled former employee


Chemical bonding energy of the weedicide

A couple were walking along a beach beneath a cliff, part of which collapsed and buried them


Gravitational potential energy of the cliff

A car approaching the entrance to road a tunnel was buried under a large amount of earth that slipped off the face of the hill above the entrance to the tunnel


Gravitational potential energy of the soil, rocks, trees etc. on the hillside above the tunnel entrance

A gunman opened fire on people holidaying in a camping ground, killing a large number

Purposeful – illegal

Chemical bonding energy of the charge in the bullets

A sick passenger was being transferred from one ship to another for emergency treatment when she fell into the sea, which was very cold being in high latitudes in the Northern hemisphere.  She died later in hospital, apparently largely as a result of the exposure to the cold water.


Thermal energy of the sea water

An explosion at a gas pipeline facility kills three people


Chemical bonding energy of the gas

The power turbine of a jet engine disintegrates damaging the aircraft on which it is mounted


 Kinetic energy (rotational)

Chemical dosing of a fish (to control parasites) in a fish farm kills 80 tonnes of fish as the does is far in excess of that intended


 Chemical bonding energy of the chemical used

A pilot was taxiing his airforce jet when the ejector seat fired, sending him upwards to then crash on the airfield sustaining fatal injuries from the impact


Pressure energy of the compressed gas in the firing cylinder followed by chemical bonding energy of the seat propulsion unit.

A large meteorite hit a rural part of Russian, creating an explosion that was reckoned to be several times the strength of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in the second world war

Intermittent and uncommon natural release

One needs to know what the process of the explosion was – was it literally an explosive chemical bonding energy release of the rock material or was it a combination of high temperature from air friction and an acoustic blast wave generated by the speed of the rock?

Two children died in their sleep at a holiday hotel when they inhaled Carbon Monoxide produced by a faulty boiler in the building


Chemical bonding energy of the Carbon Monoxide

An airliner caught fire in flight, leading to loss of control and a crash into the sea


Gravitational potential energy of the airliner (combined with kinetic energy)

A submarine hits an undersea mountain as the height of the peak was misread on the charts


Kinetic energy of the submarine

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