Industrial Disaster Charities

The lack of systemic (country-wide) and organisational risk management can be seen in the disasters which reach public attention through news channels.  Many of these occur in the developing world and add an awful burden to the life of people who are already struggling to find economic security.

One of the worst of these disasters was the Bhopal (India) tragedy of 3rd December, 1984, in which several thousand people were killed by the release of poisonous gases over a period of a few hours.
Since that time, the people of that area have been exposed to serious pollution of the ground water on which they depend, apparently from leaking waste water dams associated with the chemical plant.  These people suffer a wide range of awful birth defects and illnesses.

A British charity, the Bhopal Medical Appeal, raises money to help support the clinic founded to support these victims.

We in the developed world understand so little of the riches we take for granted and the suffering of millions in the developing world exposed to poverty and, by our standards, appalling conditions in the workplace.  As risk advisers to industry, I believe we should have a special interest in helping the victims of developing world industrial disasters.

My proceeds from the sale of the book Occupational Risk Control will be donated to charities of choice.  I encourage all who visit this site to make their own donations, as all small amounts accumulate and help significantly.

Derek Viner

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