Bernard Corden, Australian Oil and Gas Industry Professional

“I… have just finished reading your new book entitled Occupational Risk Control.

It is an excellent, well-researched and logical publication and I really enjoyed:

·         Critique of accident theory and the Heinrich cause-effect relationship

·         Limitations of the risk matrix and particularly your description of the device as a blunt instrument

·         The LWC risk process

·         Common law duty of care analysis

·         Review of the aluminium scrap metal smelter incident investigation

 I often recall many of  your comments at Ballarat and at the time thought it was overly academic blue sky thinking. However, the penny eventually dropped and over the past ten years I have used your energy damage and GTS models repeatedly during presentations and admire much of your work and also publications from your contemporaries, Trevor Kletz and Erik Hollnagel.

 I find accident theory cause-effect relationship is often futile and incidents are frequently investigated with the benefit of hindsight. As you wisely reiterate this embarks on a quest for blame and the next victim is invariably truth.

Many thanks and keep up the excellent work. It was $128 well spent.”

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